Monday, November 22, 2010

Introduction to the boot cleaning

After 12 years of marriage, yesterday i had the amazing opportunity to polish my wife's boots. She knows my obsession about her legs, her feet, her shoes and her boots, as well as my desire to be her submissive. After little talk we had on friday i realized that, as most of the submissive males, I expect her to dominate me and enjoy it. But that doesn't work in real life. In real life we, submissive males, need to show our partners the joy of being dominant, being served, worshiped, adored.

I expressed my desire to prepare her outfit for monday. After a short conversation, i noticed the idea doesn't have same strong erotic effect on her, but she is very comfortable with the concept. Last night we went over the next day plans as most of the married couples do.

Today she is having a business meeting with two gentlemen, and for today outfit she picked a pair of black leather boots, thin sharp but comfortable heels, snug on her calfs and just above the knees. As she sit in the house, i went to the garage, and begin polishing the soft leather of her boots. From the sharp pointy end to the flap that goes over her knees. And i become aroused by the leather, and even more so, by the image of her walking into the conference room in perfectly polished boots. Authoritative, powerful, flirtatious, gorgeous.

Why am i so aroused by the idea that my dearest wife will flirt with two men, wearing sexy boots that i polished last night? i cannot wait to hear what happened today, as i gently unzip her boots tonight...